Catamaran in Mallorca

Catamaran in Mallorca, trip around the bay of Palma.



Tour schedule:

Season: from 1st of May until 16th of October.

Every day at 10:00 and 15.30 – Duration 5 hours – You can book it! in the cruise selection, select ‘Catamaran Palma 10:00‘ or ‘Catamaran Palma 15:30


No need to print the voucher, you only have to show on the mobile phone.


We also organize private catamaran tours for groups, conditions CATAMARANS 2020 – Events & Incentives. ENGLISH



Adults: 52 €

Children (7-14 years): 26,00 €

Children (0-6 years): Free – You need to indicate in comments when make the reservation.

Catamaran tour in Mallorca Mallorca catamaran tour



Barbecue chicken skewers, chicken breast and sausages accompanied by a buffet of green salad and Russian salad. With bread and sauces.

A delicious cake and fresh watermelon.

Welcome cocktail

During the lunch / dinner, the following drinks are included: Orange and lemon fanta, Cocacola, Sprite, water with and without gas, red, pink and white wine from Mallorca, Sangría and juice.

Water is also included during the tour.

Our on-board bar is open throughout the excursion for all kinds of NESPRESSO drinks and coffee too, with cheap prices.
* We only allow payment by bank card on board (NO American Express)

It is provided to all customers who wish glasses and snorkeling tubes, leaving a deposit of € 10. We have swimming vests available for customers, for children and adults. We have a giant floating mat to have fun in the water.

Life jackets are available for children and adults.


Tour in catamaran in Mallorca tour in Mallorca with catamaran



Departure from the port of Palma de Mallorca / promenade in front of the Auditorium, silently sailing in the Bay of Palma to Cala Vella or Portals Vells.

Stop with anchoring in one of the most beautiful places of the south coast of Majorca with crystal turquoise waters. It’s time to swim, relax, sunbathe on our spacious bow nets and do snorkelling (masks and snorkels on board – free) against these idyllic beaches, where we serve a delicious meal, meat barbecue prepared on board, assorted fresh salads, and cake for dessert, mineral water and sangria free during the meal, time for another refreshing swim.

Then we raise anchor and sail silently back over the blue waters of the Bay of Palma and finally reach the port of Palma / promenade in front of the Auditorium.


Boarding and disembarking at the Port of Palma / promenade in front of the Auditorium.


We can go to any part of the island and will organise tailor-made excursions.


PRESENTATION AT THE CATAMARAN “MAGIC” – Paseo marítimo, “muelle de las golondrinas”

(location marked with stars on the map) – it is located in front of the AUDITORIUM

Palma Mallorca, Departure of catamaran
Palma Mallorca, Salida en catamaran

Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled departure of the catamaran ‘Magic’.

Map for cruiseship passengers

Waking distance from cruiseship port

IMPORTANT: The company reserves the right to cancel the excursion due to poor weather conditions, breakdowns or any other problem which might arise. In the event of a cancellation clients will receive a full refund of the excursion price.


Emma Shaw
29 May, 2014
Hi I am organising an excursion for 15 people. Do you know of any boat trips where people can swim lasting for 2-3 hours only leaving from Palma Harbour Many thanks Emma
31 May, 2014
In our Catamaran tour guests have aprox 90 minutes for swim.
11 June, 2014
Hi there, We are coming on a cruise ship but afternoon 15:00 - 23:00 on Wed 25/06. Is it possible to do this tour afternoon? Thanks, Nataliya
11 June, 2014
We have another catamaran tour in the afternoon but the departure time is at 15.00
magda wojcik
4 July, 2014
which beaches are you stopping at to see/swim?
14 July, 2014
It depends on the itinerary conditioned for the weather, you can see at the tour description.
Sidsel Gjertsen
27 April, 2015
Hello :) We are a Family of 17 persons - 1 of them is a child. We find Your Catamaran tour to Cala Vella or Portals Vells very interesting. If we should make a reservation for the Whole Group its not possible using the booking list on this web site because it only allows making a reservation on 9 persons at one time. To make sure you have Space for all of us - how do you recomend we make the reservation? Best regards - Sidsel
29 April, 2015
You need to make 2 reservations, 1 reservation of 9 pax and another of 8 pax, we have space so far.
2 June, 2015
We have space so far. You need to book on this page. I suggest you to take taxis from Allure to the catamaran and viceversa, taxi approx. cost for 1 way is 10 euros - Capacity of the taxis is 4 pax. There are plenty of taxis at the pier and also at the taxi station where the Catamaran is docked. Catamaran return at 15.00, so plenty of time to come back to the ship. The tryp in taxi takes about 7-10 minutes. Should you need any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Lisa Jones
2 June, 2015
I would like to reserve catamaran sail for June 22 at 10 am for 6 people. We are arriving on the allure of the seas cruise ship to palma de Mallorca.
11 August, 2015
I am arranging shore excursion for 2 guest Sailing on Allure of the sea, on the 17 Aug. They need to be back on board by 1530. Will the catamaran be back in port for them to get back to the ship on time for the Allures of the Sea sailing. Do we have time for this tour
11 August, 2015
Dear guest, Yes you have time for this tour, the catamarán will be back in port for sure at 15.00 (we have another departure at 15.30 and we need 30 minutes to clean the catamaran for the other departure), there is a taxi stop near to the catamaran, the distance from catamaran to the Allure in taxi is about 5 minutes.
8 May, 2017
for my birthday 8 of my friends and i are going to Palma. Would we be able to do a trip around the southern part of the island and see the famous beaches there?
11 May, 2017
yes, of course you can book our catamaran departing from La colonia de Sant Jordi. (catamaran Es Trenc)
Debbie Corrington
28 June, 2017
Can you tell me how many people are generally on your Catamaran tour? We are considering the 10:00 on 02/07/17 and are 4 adults.
29 June, 2017
The máximum capacity of the catamaran is 100 pax but we don’t accept more than 85 in order to our guests be confortable. Normally we have 40-60 pax.
24 January, 2018
how far from the cruise port are you ? do we need our own transportation? I will be there june 2,2018 on the NCL EPIC and would like 3 adult reservations
25 January, 2018
Email sent
Cindy Lacey
30 August, 2018
Would you be able to accommodate our family of 6. We have one wheelchair with a person that works out at the gym everyday, can transfer easily without anyone's help, but would need to take his wheelchair on the boat. We are hoping this will not be a problem. We will be arriving to Palma De Mallora on 10/15/18 at 8 am from the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas. Are we able to book with you?
1 September, 2018
No problem to take wheelchair on board but please have in mind 2 things: 1 - the person with wheelchair will have to get in and get out of the catamaran by their own of family help. 2 - there are stairs to access to the toilette.
5 October, 2018
We will be in Palma from 1-8pm through Norweigan Epic. Will we be back on time to make it back on the boat by 8pm? Thanks!
5 October, 2018
Sorry not posible. The afternoon catamaran departs at 15:30 and returns at 20:30

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