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You can receive a gift when you buy authentic ORQUÍDEA pearls in the shop which the Factory owns in the city centre (the best quality at factory prices) 300 metres from the Cathedral, or 20 metres from Palma Town Hall.


Mallorca pearls shop Mallorca pearls shop


To receive the “majorca-tours” gift you only have to complete the two fields on the following form: Name and e-mail address, to which we will automatically send the voucher which entitles you to receive a gift; on the voucher you will find a map with the address of the shop. When you arrive there you should hand in the voucher when you purchase any product and you will receive your gift

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Address for the Mallorca pearls shop (ORQUIDEA) in Palma de Mallorca:

Perlas Orquídea-(Factory prices)
Calle Cadena, 3
Palma de Mallorca


On the following map you can locate the Orquídea pearl factory’s shop in central Palma:


Map showing distance Cathedral – Orquídea pearl shop:

A: Palma Cathedral.
B: Orquídea pearls shop.
C=”Plaza de Cort” (Palma’s Town Hall square)
Distance A-B: 300 metres – 4 minutes on foot.

Distance B-C: 20 metres.


Mallorca Pearl factory


The Orquídea pearl factory, founded in 1952, is located at the heart of Mallorca, near the small town of Montuiri. It has the largest exhibition of Mallorcan pearls, 2000 m, from where you can buy high quality jewellery and cultivated pearls, as well as having the oppoortunity to see the process by which the Mallorcan pearls are made.


Exhibititon of more than 1000 designs of earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces etc.


The Orquídea pearl factory exports to more than 40 countries on the five continents and has received innumerable awards for their export activities.

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