Information for agencies who sell cruises visiting Palma de Mallorca:


As you already know, the price of excursions sold on board ship is excessive.


In these difficult times price is more important than ever.  We believe that those clients who buy cruises will appreciate being informed that they are able to buy the same excursions as those offered by the cruise line, with a discount of between 30 and 40% absolutely guaranteed and with the following benefits:


If you have any group travelling on a cruise visiting Palma de Mallorca, you can organise excursions at excellent prices which allow them to enjoy considerable benefits.


Majorca tours buses Bus Majorca tours


If they are small groups, we suggest our personalised service with minibus and guide for the group’s exclusive use (personalised services, minibús, van, etc.), at the same price, or sometimes even less, as the price offered by the cruise line (sharing a bus using several languages).




– More than 20 years experience organising excursions for cruise passengers.


– We have the best guides and buses.  Departures from the Port.


– All our group excursions include bus, licensed English speaking guide.


– With all our excursions there is a representative from Majorca-tours to assist clients in the port, contact telephone +34649020520, who is always in contact with the guides.


– We are able to omit middle-men (e.g. cruise line) and therefore we can offer a discount of  40 – 45% on the prices of the same excursions as sold on board ship.


– We can call on a modern fleet of buses and our vehicles are easy to recognise as they display a board reading “Majorca-tours”. – Free place for the group leader (1 per bus).




All agencies have the option to register and obtain a password so that they can make bookings for excursions in Mallorca on behalf of their clients and/or give their clients a link through which they can make their own bookings direct with us.

In addition, those agencies who have their own website can create a link to “Majorca-tours”: by doing this, all clients who make a booking through the agency website in the 30 days following the first entry, will be included in the accounts for that agency.

All agencies will have a personal account, accessed by a code, and can consult the sales made and the commission earned at any time.

Commission will be at 8% of the base price for sales made via their URL.

Click here to register now: without any obligation! and find the information.


Special offers for groups, vip, etc. We organise tailor-made excursions, van, minibus, cars with drivers.  Groups from hotels.


Please contact us for your special requests and we will reply as soon as possible.