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The services offered by Majorca-tours.net, owner of the website www.majorca-tours.net, are subject to the following conditions. When visiting or purchasing a tour from majorca-tours.net you are accepting the following conditions. Please read them carefully.


1. General conditions

These conditions include some exclusions and limits as to responsibility. If any part of these terms are not valid or applicable, it will be substituted with one that is valid and applicable to the conditions and carries the same interpretation.
Any dispute will come under the jurisdiction and laws of the Spanish Courts.


The customer accepts that the use of this website on its part does not imply any link with an association, society or agency between the user and majorca-tours.net.


Any reservation on this website is made on the understanding that these conditions have been accepted. If you are not in agreement with any part, please do not proceed with the booking. On completion of a booking, the customer accepts that they have read, understood and accepted these conditions. Should there be any condition that is not well understood, or if there are any questions regarding the product, please contact us on info@maiorcaescursioni.com


On receiving the excursion reservation, majorca-tours.net will confirm the booking via e-mail and will send a numbered invoice-voucher. This should be printed and presented to the guide accompanying the Majorca-tours bus in the Port at the point of departure for the excursion. Until the reservation and payment have been received and confirmed by us, no contract will be held to exist between you and majorca-tours.net. 
If you need any more information, please contact us on


2. Changes in conditions

Majorca-tours.net reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and without warning.  The continued use of this website will be subject to the General Conditions applicable at the time you use the website.


3. How to book an excursion

You should complete the booking form on the Home page and pay the total cost of the booking.  The person completing the booking form must be authorised to sign on behalf of all members of the group who are taking part in the excursion and must confirm that all such persons have accepted the Booking Conditions. In addition, this person will be responsible for the total cost of the booking, including the cancellation fees, and undertakes to convey any relevant information to the other members of the group.


4. Age and responsibility

You confirm that you are an adult and have the legal right to use the website  majorca-tours.net and accept the obligations which by law apply to any duty arising from the use of this website.
You confirm that all personal information supplied during the process of booking the services is correct and that you take financial responsibility for all the transactions made in your name and charged to your account.


5. Payment

Payment is made by credit card:

The cost of the booking will be charged to your credit or debit card. The details of operations with majorca-tours.net are encrypted using a secure payment system approved by the most important banks in the world.
This system, technically secure, guarantees that the information from the credit cards is not intercepted and thus cannot be used by any other person or institution other than the banks responsible for the client’s payment.
Pre-bookings are free of charge.

6. Cancellation of booking

Yes, it is possible.  You simply enter MY BOOKING and enter the Locator and the same e-mail address as used when the booking was made and click in ‘Cancel’ or you can also send an e-mail, giving the booking reference 72 hours before the departure of the excursion. In this case you will be refunded 85% of the cost as the remaining 15% will be withheld to cover our administration costs.  In cases where cancellation is made less than  72 hours before the date of the service, no refund will be made.

Majorca-tours reserves the right to change the departure time of the booking in those cases where the cruise ship is delayed or arrives earlier than expected.


Cancellation policy for SHARED SERVICES:


Cruise ship friendly tours: In case you cannot show up because the cruise line changes the itinerary, the cruise ship is unable to dock or disembark passengers in a timely manner and the booking is cancelled, you will get a full refund.

All bookings cancelled more than 72 hours before the departure of the excursion do not bear any cancellation fees. In such cases we will only deduct the 15% relating to our administration fees and will automatically refund the remaining 85%.

All bookings include an administration fee equivalent to 15%  of the total booking.  Administration charges are not refundable in the above case.

All bookings cancelled by clients less than 72 hours before the excursion departure will incur cancellation fees of 100% and no refund will be applied.


Should an excursion be cancelled for technical reasons, in cases of force majeure or because the minimum number of passengers has not been reached, Majorca-tours will refund the total cost to clients (100%). In such circumstances no administration fees will be charged.


Cancellation policy for PRIVATE SERVICES:

  • In case of cancellation due to weather circumstances, decision taken by the Captain of the catamaran, the amounts paid will be returned and no cancellation costs will be charged.
    • If the cancellation is made unilaterally by the client, the cancellation costs will depend on how early it is communicated:

A) Bookings cancelled more than 90 days previously to the excursion will not incur cancellation charges. We will only deduct our administration fee of 15% of the deposit payment and we will refund the remaining 85%.
B) In case of cancellation notified within 90 days previously to the excursion, the cancellation costs will be 25% of the first payment, or 12,5% of the total amount.
C) In case of cancellation notified within 60 days previously to the excursion, the cancellation costs will be 50% of the first payment, or 25% of the total amount.
D) In case of cancellation notified within 30 days previously to the excursion, the cancellation costs will be 100% of the first payment, or 50% of the total amount.
E) In case of cancellation notified within 15 days previously to the excursion, the cancellation costs will be 100% of the total amount.


7. Circumstances outside our control.

The information contained in these pages has been included in good faith. Although  Majorca-tours.net cannot guarantee that it is completely free of typographical errors or inaccuracies and therefore we do not accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions found on this page. Majorca-tours.net includes links that refer to third parties’ pages only in order to provide additionnal informatiton. Such links are to websites over which Majorca-tours.net has no control and is not responsible for the information contained therein.

The owner of this page is majorca-tours.net
Majorca-tours.net does not give, either explicitly or implicity, guarantees on the operation of this website and/or over the contents, material, information or products included in it. By visiting this website you are accepting that you are using it at your own risk.

Majorca-tours.net does not guarantee that this website, the servers and e-mails sent are free from viruses or other potentially dangerous elements that may harm your PC. Majorca-tours.net cannot be considered as responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this website.



Majorca-tours.net grants limited access for personal use of this website and does not permit any information to be downloaded or partially modified without its consent in writing. 
The information included in this website may not be used for the benefit of other companies or individuals.



All the contents included in this site, for example, text, images, buttons, logos, are the property of, or granted by licence to, majorca-tours.net and are protected by the regulations on copyright in force both nationally and internationally.


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