Palma de Mallorca city sightseeing

No minimum pax required for the hop on hop off Palma bus, you can book it directly!


Not on a cruise-ship? Don’t worry! You can still make your reservation: in the cruise selection, select “Bus turistico – No cruise”It operates 365 days a year!


If you can’t find your cruise in the cruise selection see  2020 Cruise ships by docking pier


Recording in English, visit Palma de Mallorca on a tour that is both fun and inexpensive!


Download the itinerary Map of Palma Mallorca hop on hop off bus tour – Majorca tours

 Palma de Mallorca Map City sightseeing bus


Palma Mallorca city sightseeing bus tour  Palma Mallorca city sightseeing bus tour

“Castell de Bellver” (5 km. from the city centre)


The famous Palma open top bus, the red, open-top, double-decker bus drives round the city and takes tourists to visit the prettiest places, it is also known as the line 50 bus.  You can get on at any one of the 18 stops along the route and it also stops in the cruise ship port “puerto de Peraires – estació marítima”. You can get on or off the bus at any of the 18 stops as many times as you like. (Frecuency: every 20-25 minutes)


Palma city sightseeing bus


Prices adults: 19€

Special rates buying through our web: children 8-16 years and adults over 65 años: 9.50€

and children under 7 go free! – Perfect for families with children!


Tickets are valid for the whole day, the bus runs every 20 minutes operating 365 days a year.


INCLUDES: Tickets, headphones (explanation recorded in English) maps + benefits.


Benefits when buying tickets for the “open-top bus” on the majorca-tours website:


1 – A voucher which gives you the right to a gift when you buy any product in the shop which the ORQUIDEA pearl factory has in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, the best quality at factory prices!


2 – Ideal for cruise passengers as the bus stop is in the (14)”puerto de Peraires – estació marítima”


Hop hop bus of majorca tours in cruise ships port

Stop 14 at the pier -Puerto de peraires “estació maritima” (cruises)


Come with us on a most interesting and enjoyable tour which gives you all the information about Palma de Mallorca.


Learn the history of Palma and listen to the stories and secrets of the city thanks to our most up-to-date multilingual audio system in 8 languages. You can enjoy the most spectacular view of Palma from the top deck of our open-top bus. We will take you to all the monuments and most famous places in Palma de Mallorca.


Tickets are valid for 24 hours, our policy “hop-on hop-off” (get on or off when you want) and our 18 stops allows you to get off near all the tourist attractions so that you can learn about them at first hand. When you finish your visit you simply get back on the bus and rest whilst we take you on to the next stop.


Duration of the complete Palma Mallorca hop on hop off bus tour: 1 hour and 20 minutes.


Stops: 1- Antonio Maura, 2-Piazza Mercat, 3-La Rambla, 4-Plaza España, 5-Avenida Alejandro Rossello, 6-Avenida Gabriel Alomar i Villalonga, 7-Passeig maritim, 8-Poble Espanyol, 9-Castell de Bellver, 10-Plaza Gomila, 11- Hotel Valparaiso, 12- Fundación Pilar y Joan Miró/Palacio de Marivent,  13-Avenida Joan Miro (Porto Pi Shopping centre),  14-Puerto de peraires “estació maritima”(cruises), 15-Avenida Gabriel Roca (Auditórium), 16-Plaza Puerta de santa catalina (Museo Es Baluard), 17-Avenida Jaume III, 18-Moll Comercial (Cathedral, Town Hall square and historic city centre).


Hop on hop off Palma Mallorca bus times:


Summer from cruise ships pier “puerto de Peraires – estació marítima” 09.30 to 18.00


Spring/winter/autumn from 10.00 (just down the cathedral) and 11.00 or 09.30 (from the cruise ships pier -“puerto de Peraires – estació marítima”) to 18.00

09.30 only if there is a cruise ship on that day and the cruise ship can be selected in the cruise ship selection when making the reservation on our web.


Frecuency: Every 25 minutes approximately.


Note: In winter after 17.15 the bus does not stop at the Castillo de Bellver or at the Pueblo Español.

On Mondays, the bus does not stop at “Es Baluard” as the museum is closed.


Majorca-tours recommend the hop on hop off Palma Mallorca bus tour.


By buying your tickets through our website you will have a gift-voucher should you wish to buy any of the famous ORQUIDEA pearls!


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or need help.


Nadine Tan
7 September, 2012
Hello, we are booked on the cruise ship, Norwegian epic arriving in Palma Majorca in June 2013. My question is : Is the stop (14)”puerto de Peraires – estació marítima” at the pier where the cruise ship is docked or do we have to take a bus or taxi from the port to get to this stop? Your advice is much appreciated.
8 September, 2012
Hello, yes it is the stop puerto Peraires, no need to take a taxi or bus because is about 100 meters.
24 April, 2014
We arrive on the Independence of the Seas on Saturday, June 7th. I am assuming that the Stop 14 "Puerto de Peraires-Estacio Maritima" is the stop we would be able to use..I just want to make certain what time the buses start? 11 AM? Gracias!
21 May, 2014
Hello there! :) May I know where can we get the tickets? Can we buy the tickets at the airport? Is the price of the ticket is still €17? Thanks!
Pat Callahan
24 May, 2014
I understand that one of the stops is right across from the cruise port. Can we purchase a 24 hour ticket at that stop on the day that we dock in Palma. If so, is it the same price as quoted on your website. Next question, if we book online why do you need our passport number?
24 May, 2014
Yes one of the stops is right across from the cruise port. You can purchase the ticket there but better to have it in advance to avoid large files. According to the Spanish law this number is required to make an invoice but if you do not feel comfortable you can insert a false one. :)
5 August, 2014
we are arriving in Palma on 26th September on a cruise ship could you please tell me what time the first hop on bus is at the cruise terminal.
5 August, 2014
09:30 am.
11 April, 2015
Hello, yes the ticket is valid just for sepecified date, if you are not sure you can wait and buy the ticket the day before.
25 May, 2015
We are arriving on the Allure on Aug 3rd. It is not on your list. Also what happens if for some reason the ship's itinerary changes? Can we get a refund?
25 May, 2015
If the ship change the itinerary you will be refunded the total amount (100%), the reason why the Allure is not on our list is because it will dock at the furthest pier "Dique del Oeste", that pier is far 2 kilometres from the nearest city sightseeing bus stop "Estacio maritima", you can always book the bus tickets with the cruise ship friendly conditions. To book your tickets you must select in the cruise selection "bus turistico - no cruise"
Riana Slabbert
13 June, 2015
We arrive on the Allure. I understand it is 2 km away from the nearest hop on stop. What would be the easiest to get to the nearest stop? Thanks
13 June, 2015
The easiest is to get a taxi at the gangway of the ship as there will be a lot of them waiting, the taxi costs is about 5-8 eur
sandra lane
29 June, 2016
We are arriving on the Celebrity Equinox in October. We dock at DIQUE. I read to select bus touristo when signing up. Is this a city bus and does it takes us to the tour bus stop? Our ship docks at 8AM. What time does the bus arrive? How long on the city bus and do we return to the ship the same way? How often does this bus run?
29 June, 2016
We do not provide the transfer from dique to our hop on hop off stop. The distance is 2,5km. This is the problem that have all the cruise ships which dock at Dique. If you want to book our hop on-hop off bus you need to select "bus turistico no cruise" and take a taxi or walk 2,5km to get to our bus stop.
5 July, 2016
Hello, we are booked on cruise ship Harmony Royal Carribean. What stop do we pick up the bus from? Do we need to take a cab to this stop or can we walk?
6 July, 2016
mail sent
9 July, 2016
Hello, we are also booked on cruise ship Harmony Royal Carribean (like the previous question). What stop do we pick up the bus from? Do we need to take a cab to this stop or can we walk? Can you please send us an email with directions ? Thank you !
10 July, 2016
The stop is the 12 at the pier -Puerto de peraires “estació maritima” (cruises) - PLEASE NOTE THAT CRUISES PASSENGERS WHICH DOCK AT THE FURTHEST PIER "DIQUE DEL OESTE" (as HARMONY OF THE SEAS) will have to walk a long distance (about 2,5km) to get to the nearer stop (14) so I suggest to take a taxi to those passengers, the approximate cost of the taxi is 6-8 euros.
7 May, 2017
Hello, are tickets delivered electronically? I'm not on a cruise and will not have access to a printer. Thanks.
7 May, 2017
Yes the tickets are delivered electronically, no need to be on a cruise, you can show the ticket from your mobile.
Pam Monroe
31 August, 2017
We will be in port Friday, September 29 - 9:00am-9:00pm and arriving on HAL Koningsdam. Don't see our ship listed on your site. Any idea where we can pick up the bus and at what time?
Pam Monroe
2 September, 2017
If we catch the 9:30 bus at cruise ship stop #16, we would like to complete the entire tour back to stop #16 before we get off anywhere. How long would that generally take?
3 September, 2017
It takes about 1h20m - 1h30m
3 September, 2017
updated and now listed.
18 January, 2018
Hello, We are 5 couples (10 passengers), We will arrive at the port of Palma in July on a ship. We are interested in making a trip to the main sites. We want a shuttle from the port, a trip, and a ride back to the port. I ask for the details: travel time, route, price, type of car, etc. Thank you JEHUDA
19 January, 2018
Email sent with rates.
21 July, 2018
We are arriving via Jewel of the Seas ( Royal Caribbean) on july 26 . But this cruise is not even on your list . Where can we reach the nearest Stop over. Can we purchase ticket when we hop in?

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