Beaches of Mallorca, distances from port of Palma

Beaches of Mallorca :


The island of Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, is internationally known for its warm climate, its cuisine and traditional handicraft items and of course for its wonderful beaches. Mallorca’s beaches are unique, a crystal clear sea lapping against long sandy beaches, or in sandy coves surrounded by high rocky cliffs. There are over 360 beaches around the island, these beaches have fine white sand and warm clean waters. These beautiful beaches are one of the main reasons why tourists from all over the world choose to come and spend their holidays in Mallorca.


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Bellow you can see a video, photos and a distance map of the Mallorca’s best beaches:



Location map of the best Mallorca’s beaches.


Enlarge map


A – Port of Palma de Mallorca

Port of Palma Mallorca


B – Sa Rapita beach – Visit Mallorca beaches

Sa Rapita Mallorca beach



C – Es Trenc beach – Visit Majorca beaches

Mallorca beaches, Es Trenc

D – Colonia de Sant Jordi – Es Dolç beach – Visit Mallorca beaches

Es-dolc-beach Mallorca



E – Es Carbo beach – Majorca beaches

Es-Carbo-Mallorca beaches



F – Es Caragol – Mallorca’s beach




G – Cala S’almonïa – Visit Mallorca beaches

cala-S'Almunia-beach Mallorca



H – Es Calò de’s Moro – Visit Mallorca beaches

Calo-des-Moro beach Majorca



I – Cala Llombards – Visit Mallorca beaches

Mallorca beaches Cala-Llombards



J – S’amarador beach of Mallorca

S'amarador-beach Mallorca


K – Porto Cristo – Visit Mallorca

Porto Cristo what to do in Mallorca tours



L – Cala Gat – Mallorca beach – what to do in Mallorca tours

Cala-Gat-Majorca beaches


M – Cala Mesquida – Visit Majorca beaches

Mallorca Cala-Mesquida



N – Cala Torta – Visit Mallorca beaches

Cala-Torta-Mallorca beaches



O – Muro beach – Visit Mallorca beaches

What to do in Mallorca playa de Muro



P – Formentor beach – Mallorca beaches

Mallorca Formentor beach



Q – Sa Calobra – Mallorca beaches

Sa-Calobra-Mallorca beaches



R – Cala Tuent – Mallorca beaches



S – Cala de Lluch Alcari – Mallorca beaches

Cala-de-Lluch-alcari-Majorca beaches



Mallorca beaches – distance from port of Palma de Mallorca:


B – Sa Rapita beach: 43 Km – about 37 minutes

C – Es Trenc beach: 50 km – about 42 minutes

D – Es Dolç beach: 54 Km – about 50 minutes

E – Es Carbo beach: 56 km – about 53 minutes +30 minutes walking

F – Spiaggia di Es Caragol : 59 km – about 56 minutes + 30 minutes walking

G – Cala S’almunia: 59 km – about 56 minutes

H – Es Calò de’s Moro: 59 km – about 56 minutes

I – Cala Llombards: 59 km – about 56 minutes

J – S’amarador beach: 58 km – about 56 minutes

K – Porto Cristo: 67 km – about 62 minutes

L – Cala Gat: 95 km – about 85 minutes

M – Cala Mesquida: 95 km – about 85 minutes

N – Cala torta: 95 km – about 85 minutes

O – Muro beach: 62 km – about 50 minutes

P – Formentor beach: 74 km – about 65 minutes

Q – Sa Calobra: 72 km – about 62 minutes

R – Cala Tuent: 74 km – about 65 minutes

S – Cala de Lluch Alcari: 35 km – about 39 minutes + 25 minutes walking


Mallorca beaches not far from the port of Palma de Mallorca:


– Cala Mayor: 4 km. from port of Palma.

– Illetas beach: 6 km. from port of Palma.

– Portals beach: 9 km from port of Palma.

– Palma Nova beach: 12 km from port of Palma.

– Magalluf beach: 13 km from port of Palma.

– El Arenal beach: 13 km from port of Palma.


We organize taylor made tours to the best Mallorca beaches: we will take you with our private vehicles to the best Mallorca beaches such as Es trenc beach, Cala Torta beach, Sa Rapita beach, etc.


We organize full day tours (7-8 hours) combining beach + Palma highlights + walking tour in the city centre with time for shopping. The full day tour includes: English official speaking guide +  air conditioned bus.Rate: 50 euros per person (min. required 20 pax)


Mallorca’s best tours at the following video:

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7 May, 2012
Hi, I wondered if you did any day trips to nice beaches from s'Arenal, Playa de Palma? Thanks Hannah
8 May, 2012
Yes, of course, we organise private taylor made tours, you can check our rates on our private rate's page
Emad Farid
8 July, 2016
Dear Sir I am planing a visit to Spain from the 7th of August till the 15 th .i am planing to stay in Palma Mallorca from the 7th till the 12 th of August and the rest 3 days in Barcellona . We,r a family me and my wife and 2 children age 15 & 12 years . We need a car with English speaking driver to drive us to the beach in the morning and pick us in the afternoon or evening . I learned from your site that there,r many beaches with crystal turquoise water near the port around 50 to 60 km . Will you kindly send me the cost for this . Waiting your reply BR Emad Farid
8 July, 2016
Email sent.
Beth jarvis
4 September, 2016
We will be sailing in on the Carnival Vista at the end of September and would like to go to Es Trenc beach for the day, how far is it from the pier to the beach and do you have Day tours? Thank you
5 September, 2016
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Reshika Pillay
12 April, 2017
Hi there We arrive in Palma de Majorca on 28 April 2017. Please can you provide me with a quote for a day tour to all the beach spots. Our ship sails at 6pm. Many thanks Reshika
12 April, 2017
Hi, my wife and I will be stopping at Palma for a couple hours on Saturday June 17. We are cruising on the Norwegian Epic and are supposed to dock at 1pm and take off again at 8pm. Would probably try to meet you at 2pm and head back to the ship around 6:30-7pm. Can you email me with a quote, if you're available, with details and costs, please? We were interested in stopping at a couple beaches nearby the port rather than just 1 beach for the day. Unless you can recommend a specific beach that has a bar right on it, then we would stay there all day and head back. Or, would we be able to book someone for 4-5 hours and what would that cost? Just interested in looking at all our options. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time and help with this! -Joe
13 April, 2017
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13 April, 2017
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17 May, 2018
We are a family of 6 arriving in Palma on August 4 on the NCL Epic. We will be in port from 1:00 to 8:00. We are interested in going to a non crowded beach/cove for the day. Would you be able to help us? Thank you! Andrea
19 May, 2018
Email sent
14 June, 2018
Our situation is similar to Andrea, who posted above. We will be arriving in Palma on Saturday, September 1 on the NCL Epic. The ship is in port from 1 - 8, there will be 4 adults and we would like a quote on a trip to a cove or beach that isn't overly crowded. Would this be possible? Thank you!
14 June, 2018
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15 June, 2018
My friend and I arrive on an MSC cruise on the 18th of July and are interested in seeing beaches and if possible, would love to do a canyoning excursion. We dock at 3 and leave after midnight. Would also be interested in boating options. Thanks!
17 June, 2018
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John Saracino
19 February, 2023
Hi, We came to Majora on the NCL Epic back in 2018. Told a cab driver we wanted to go to a beach area with dining and shops. She took us about 30 minutes away to a small town/beach area. it was not overly crowded and the there were many small food stands, toilets, and shops. the beach area was a small cover as I recalled but everything was very close. We will be in again for the day on 6/23...We would be open to a ride (round trip) but just want a lazy day at the beach and a nice selection of places for lunch. Thanks

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